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Video: Did An Oakland A's Fan Get An Oakland B(J) In The Stands During Sunday's Game?

Me, watching that 15 times from various zoom-ins to try and figure out exactly what we're witnessing because I'm a professional:

Giphy Images.


My findings & thoughts: 

-During the short clip the man has his head (the top one) on a swivel, looking everywhere but the game… Is he making sure no one is around to witness a beejer in action, or are the A's just last place in the AL West so anything else is more interesting than what's happening on the field? 

-It looks like a hot, sunny day… so is she taking him to Mouth Town, or just kindly providing shade for his lap with her hair because it's bad for your balls to get too hot? 

-Perhaps they've had a few too many drinks and since they're at the top of the nosebleeds the bathrooms are a mile away, so he's providing cover while she ducks down to pee up there (I did this in the very top row during Kenny Chesney at MetLife once. Squated right there in my jorts during Beer In Mexico as my pals leaned over me to create a wall.) 

Whatever the case, this quick, wacky snippet during an empty game is now a problem for police after folks complained. According to TMZ the Oakland PD has launched a probe into the matter & if anyone is found guilty,

"…the penalty for the offense is up to 6 months behind bars and/or a fine of up to $1,000."

If the couple does end up being found and charged, I'd say they're only guilty of bringing a little bang back to a franchise that's blowing the season for very little buck. It appears to be the most passion fans have felt at the Coliseum in a long time.