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Lamar Jackson Denies The Ravens Have Made Him A $250M+ Guaranteed Offer And Liked A Photo Edit Of Him In A Dolphins Jersey


Siiiggghhhh. The drama has been ongoing all off-season in media circles. It’s the topic that won’t go away. And I get it. He's a league MVP and he's going into his 5th year without a long-term contract. It's highly unusual, especially at the QB position. It's gonna be talked about nonstop.

But that doesn't make the story any less exhausting. I could've told you months ago (hell, even last summer) that the two sides were far apart. That hasn't changed. There's been no signs of it changing. Not even with other QB's signing long-term deals. Lamar has been steadfast in his willingness to bet on himself this upcoming season. That's his right.

I can't really say the Ravens have been proactive and thrown a large number at him either. I think they're willing to, I just think there's a mutual understanding that their numbers are worlds apart and both sides are willing to roll the dice. The Ravens have the upper hand with the franchise tag in future years, but Lamar knows that number becomes exorbitant beyond that first franchise tag. It's a game of chicken and we're not at a point yet where either side is going to blink.

At the very least it seemed like both sides were being amicable and professional about this and keeping things behind closed doors. That the focus would be on football and a goal of a 2022 season that would be a win-win for everyone involved, a la Joe Flacco 2012. This type of stuff Lamar is doing on Twitter isn't exactly egregious and it's not Kyler Murray and his whole agent writing a whole ass letter of passive aggressive demands… but it's also not a good look. Undermines the trust between the two sides and muddies the waters a bit going forward. And it pisses us off as fans too. Not great.

From my seat… I'm just so fucking tired of it. I just want football. I want to watch Lamar put the shakems on poor linebackers and chuck darts down the seam to Mark Andrews. And I want to watch him do that in purple and black for many years to come. Whatever can make that happen with the quickness is then best solution for me. I just wish it could be that easy.

Just get me to Week 1.