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It's Truly Sad Seeing Kenny Payne Complaining About People (Wink, Wink) 'Negatively Recruiting' Against Louisville

I know Kenny Payne went to Louisville, but this isn't the Kenny Payne I know. This isn't the cutthroat Kentucky Kenny Payne. This isn't player development at the Knicks and Kentucky Kenny Payne. This is little brother Kenny Payne. Oh you're upset that people are negatively recruiting against you? Yeah man, that's how college basketball works. This is basically every single program, except most aren't going on probation for hookers and an FBI investigation and everything else Louisville is accused of doing. 

And I know what everyone is thinking that he's implying. He's accusing Kentucky of doing this to him. I hope they are. I hope Cal is out there telling DJ Wagner that Louisville is going on probation. You know what I care about? Winning. That's the name of the game. Not like Kenny Payne isn't playing the game. He's hiring DJ Wagner's grandfather to a job in the program to help land him. It's called recruiting. 

If this is true about Kentucky and Calipari, good. Get used to it, Kenny. I'll always appreciate your time at Kentucky and think you're awesome for that. But you're the enemy now. You're going to get used to losing to Kentucky. It's basically how the rivalry goes. Kentucky wins, Louisville cries.