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Suburb Saturdays Volume 9: My Neighbor Mows His Lawn Too Early

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How early is too early to mow your lawn? I'm an early riser. Not necessarily by choice, but being a father of two, I just have to get up when they're up. That's typically around 6-6:30am on a daily basis. But last weekend I was woken up by 5:45am by the sound of a lawn mower. How could this be? 

Summer is winding down, but it's still hot out during the middle of the day up here in New Jersey. So mowing the lawn during off-peak hours makes sense. But 5:45am?!?! I blogged a couple years ago about mowing the lawn late at night and now having kids, I realize that mowing after dark is a big no no essentially for the inverse reasons of mowing the lawn too early. But I don't know if there is a defined rule. So I wanted to ask - how early is too early to mow your lawn?

I feel like 5:45am is way too early. Even 7am would be early to me. 8am I think is when it clears, but what do the people think? Let me know in the comments and I'll put it in the poll for next week!

As for last week's article about what to do if your former homeowner's mail continually comes to your house:

Thanks for reading and see you next Saturday!