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Suburb Saturdays Volume 8: The Old Homeowners Mail Will Not Stop Coming To Our House

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Sure this may seem like a simple annoyance, but it can be much worse. Like glitter it just spreads. We moved into our home six years ago and still get the former homeowners mail. And that is the topic of today's discussion. What do you do when this happens? The easier answer is write RTS (return to sender) on the letter and leave it in your mailbox, but after awhile, that becomes a nuisance in itself. 

And we don't get it all the time, but I'd say at least 1-4 letters/week. Nothing wildly pertinent. No Amazon packages or food deliveries or anything perishable. But tax info, magazines, regular mailers, all tend to come and keep coming. Writing RTS on a letter 1-4 times/week after 300+ weeks is not a sustainable way to live, so what should you do assuming you do not have any real contact info for this person?

Option #1: Keep all the mail and do an exhaustive search to find them and drop it all off to them

Option #2: Toss any and all mail that comes, no matter how important it looks

Option #3: Write RTS on all mail that is not addressed to you

Interested to hear what the feedback on this one is because I feel like it's fairly common. People move all the time and it's a pain in the tush to continuously be updating your mailing address. It's typically not done maliciiously, but people have a lot of lists and subscriptions and things that just need to get sent to them and it's almost impossible to get all of that in one fail swoop.

As for last week's entry, what to do if a neighbor borrows your tools and doesn't give them back, here is what the voters said. Pretty big majority here which is good to see.

Thanks for reading and see you next Saturday!