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Tyson Fury Wants $500 Million To Come Back And Fight Oleksander Usyk

What's it going to take to get Tyson Fury back in the ring? A lot more than Oleksandr Usyk telling him to do it. Usyk may want to avenge the Ukrainian heavyweight Wladimir Klitschko that Fury defeated (That's a fantastic fight to watch if you missed it by the way). 

Usyk v Fury would be one of the most impactful matchups in the last five years. After this fight there would be no more belts up for grabs. Tyson is playing lassiez faire in order to get someone to put up the money to get something so monumental going. He's playing hard to get and wants to end up getting half a billion.

I mean, the demand will be there. Honestly, it would be pretty messed up to beat Usyk and damage Ukrainian pride right now. 

Fury has already begun the trash talk and says Usyk is an easy fight and just a glorified middleweight. Fury wants the money and is ready to come out of retirement for more than Mayweather got for Pacquiao.  

What's the next heavyweight bout? Wilder v Joshua needs to be put in the mix as an obvious next, but some boxing promoter needs to put $.5 billion to unify all the belts. 

Fury has to get Usyk next. Now we get need some super rich oligarch finance this and put it together as I personally will shell out $50 for a PPV just make it happen.