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The Model Who Was Grinding On Finland's Prime Minister Was Also Apparently Kissing Another Woman While Topless At The PM's Residence

I thought American politics had some good storylines until I recently started seeing what all goes on in Finland. The prime minster goes out clubbing, dances with whomever she pleases — male musicians, female models and the like — and apparently brings some of them back to her house, where they may or may not make out with each other while half-naked.

Daily Mail — Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin today gave a tearful speech as she addressed a crowd about her partying after her friend apologised for posing topless in the premier's official residence.

Marin, 36, had tears in her eyes as she admitted that she is 'also human' and that 'this week has not been easy' after the prime minister faced an onslaught of scrutiny over her partying with friends.

A photo emerged yesterday showing Marin's friend and model Sabina Särkkä, 33, posing topless while kissing her semi-naked friend in the prime minister's official residence of Kesäranta. 

Särkkä, 33, apologised for her 'inappropriate behaviour' after the image emerged, saying that she was 'deeply sorry' for causing further embarrassment to the leader who is under fire for partying.

The photo came out after a video emerged showing Marin dancing and singing with friends at a nightclub.

Listen, nobody needs to apologize for this. All we see in the U.S. are politicians clawing at each other's throats and pitting the American people against each other while nothing cool ever happens. Meanwhile, Finland seems to be chugging along just fine and all they have to be upset about is the fact their prime minster is too cool and has too much fun.

Sanna Marin should have Sabina Särkkä by her side on the campaign trail. Nobody has done anything wrong! These are just good, hard-working Finns who are blowing off a little steam!