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Finland's Prime Minister Was Seen Partying Again, This Time Grinding On Model Sabina Särkkä

I'm addicted to Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. The 36-year-old apparently spends more of her time in the Helsinki clubs than doing whatever leaders of countries that don't actually matter are supposed to be doing, but it has turned her into a content machine.

Last week, Marin — who has a husband of 18 years — was spotted in a club dancing with a male musician.

This new video appears that it could be from the same night as she's in the same outfit, but this time Marin is with model Sabina Särkkä.

For reference:


There is nothing wrong with blowing off a little steam! I'm sure leading Finland is a stressful job, who are we to judge anyone who wants to hit the club and do some dancing?

I say we should all encourage Sanna to de-stress in whatever manner and with however many models she pleases.