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Usyk Vs. Joshua 2 Was A Heavyweight Battle Before Things Got Crazy In The Post Fight Interviews

Hassan Ammar. Shutterstock Images.

If you did not catch Usyk Vs. Joshua, Saturday night, you missed one of the best heavyweight fights since Fury vs. Wilder. It was an amazing display of perseverance and skill from Usyk, who trained in a warzone to defeat an athletic freak who had the comforts of peacetime to train for a rematch. 

The implications of this fight were huge. In regards to the war in Ukraine, the implications in the heavyweight division, and the outcome of the fight meant a lot. 

If Joshua won, it was going to be the setup for one of the biggest fights to take place in England, with Tyson Fury coming out of retirement to fight him at Wembly. It would be the crowing moment Anthony Joshua could use to erase all questions of legacy from the Ruiz and first Usyk Loss. 

When that didn't come to be and Usyk beat Joshua again, you can tell it set Joshua off the deep end. In a moment that many would think Usyk would use to bring the Ukrainian struggle back to the front page (something that Will Smith smacked out the headlines) became an open mic for Joshua who went nuts. 

Boxing is extremely emotional. There is no question that we cannot understand the headspace Joshua was in post-fight. But he totally stole the spotlight from the guy who beat the shit out of him for 12 rounds. Usyk was able to move in and out of Joshua's reach, land punches, and make out like a bandit. 

You can truly see how crazed Joshua was after the fight. Watch this video where Joshua throw the belts out of the ring and goes in and out of the ring. 

"How did you beat me you are not strong?!"

It was just a super weird scene. You can't help but like Usyk's vibe the whole time. The guy is a character and was a huge part of de-escalating the situation in the ring. Check out some of these vibes from Usyk.

"I feel. I very feel." Incredible.

With fancy footwork like that, Usyk was born to either be a boxer or a background dancer.

Slava Ukraine.