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Soccer Ref In Ecuador Delivers A Tremendous Flop And Then Promptly Gets Decked By A Coach For Giving Out A Couple Red Cards

[Source] - AN ECUADORIAN referee was smacked in the face and floored after awarding a late penalty and red card. Macara's Alvaro Cazula conceded a late penalty with VAR supporting referee Alex Cajas' call.

Coaching staff on the touchline protested the decision, leading to a physical altercation and numerous coaches being shown red cards.

Elcomercio say Macara goalkeeper coach, Hector Lautaro Chiriboga, landed a blow to Cajas' face, causing the referee to fall to the floor.

A policeman with a riot shield was forced to stand by the referee while tensions were diffused.

This had a little bit of everything. Glad that there was an actual hit at some point. Even better was the flop though. Ref, guy, you can't flop after giving out a red card. Your job is to keep it all together and have some sort of composure. You can't flop while giving out cards during your lifetime for the same. Frankly I agree with the coach here. The moment the ref flops, he deserved a right to get hit.

This is what we're trying to avoid in soccer. I get into this argument all the time. People who don't like soccer have the same, lame two takes. 1) No scoring and 2) flops. People flop across sports except for basically hockey. Watch a wide receiver one time when there's an incomplete pass. 

Not to mention the ref is a bit too aggressive here for my liking. It's no secret I despise refs. Hate how they can fuck up a game and not have to deal with media or questions or anything. Hate even more people just say 'oh well, human error.' Well, that doesn't count if a dude misses a shot or whatever. Look at the sprint after the VAR check! That's a man who wants the stadium to know 'hes the man here.' 

Impressive all the way around. South American soccer man. Head on a swivel at all times.