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Jackson Mahomes Appears To Be Back And Insufferable As Ever

Giphy Images.

The calendar has turned to August, which means Jackson Mahomes dancing TikToks — some in a suite at Arrowhead Stadium, others on the numbers of murdered players — will soon be back flooding your social media channels. But even when he's not putting out his own videos making him look like an insufferable asshole, he's being filmed in public screaming at cops and other patrons in a bar.

There obviously isn't much context in that video as to what's going on, but Occam's Razor would lead me to believe an altercation involving Jackson is likely his fault.

I feel so bad for Patrick Mahomes, man. He seems to be a pretty likable guy and is obviously one of the most insanely talented athletes on the planet, but it's now impossible to hear that last name without thinking about Jackson and his antics. I guess you almost have to give Jackson credit for making himself inseparable from one of the best players in the NFL.

Enjoy your last few Sundays before each one of them becomes overrun with Jackson Mahomes content. We are dangerously close now.