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Piece Of Shit Jackson Mahomes Tik Tok Danced On A Chained Off Sean Taylor "21" Painted On The Field



What a load of shit this guy. Just like, why? I don't get it. Can he not be decent for 2 fucking seconds? Tik Tok dances are so important, his clout is so important, that he has to do it on a roped off area with Sean's number on it? I just don't get it. Nothing about this makes any sense to me. I do not understand how he sees a roped off area, and yes I get it's just a spray painted number, but for him to decide he's so god damn important that he needs to do his stupid little dances on top of it. Baffles me. Like, can't one thing just be nice? He couldn't take his stupid hoodie and stupid chain and stupid haircut 5 feet elsewhere? It had to be right on top of the memorial? 

He obviously felt like a gigantic asshole so he took to Twitter and said this:




Absolutely fuck off Jackson Mahomes. I don't get how Patrick tolerates this week in and week out. Just, yeah. The cherry on top of a pretty shitty week. Good job Jackson. Now that I think about it, you'll fit right in at FedEx Field with the rest of the assholes that run that place into the ground. Good grief.