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You Could Hear The Pain In Luke Voit's Voice During His Mid-Game Interview Today While Playing The Padres

Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.

Luke Voit is still adjusting to life as a Washington National after getting absolutely face fucked by Eric Hosmer on trade deadline day. One minute he was in the middle of a playoff hunt, living in San Diego having a great time. Fans are great, weather is phenomenal, and every game matters. Reporters are asking you in the clubhouse what it's gonna be like having Juan Soto in the lineup. A few hours later Eric Hosmer decides to use his no trade clause to nix his deal to the Nats, forcing San Diego to audible and throw Voit in the trade. That thought of being lineup of Soto, Machado, and Tatis quickly turned into this….

Trades are part of the business and these guys make good money, but still that's fucking brutal. Having to move your whole life like that plain old sucks. Today the Nats hosted the Padres for the early Sunday Peacock game and of course they picked Luke Voit for the mid-game interview. You can hear the pain in his voice. 

That "goddamn" hurt me watching from my couch. If you were watching live they let that shit go way longer than it should have been. Show some mercy NBC. 

By the way, it turns out Hosmer didn't even bother to reach out to Voit after the deal went down.

This man has blood on his hands. Rough n Rowdy where the loser has to play in DC next year, let's make it happen.