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Everyone Needs To Shut The Fuck Up

Hey Mitch, you goddamn moron, shut the fuck up. Start selling beer for normal people. Realize you're the one that will be fired first because you're replaceable. I can't believe this has to be said. Just shut the fuck up. I'm in the process of sitting in the hospital for my 2nd son to be born and I gotta deal with this shit. Kentucky is a basketball school. Mark Stoops is taking football to places we've never been. Mitch is still too goddamn stupid to sell beer. Shut the fuck up. That's all I have here. It's so dumb. It's so pointless. Nobody should be upset that Cal said UK is a basketball school. Stoops needs to know he's awesome.  

This is the dumbest thing still going on. That's the blog. Shut the fuck up.