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Zach Wilson Is Hurt And It Doesn't Look Good At All


Hey, Billy Football here. I'm a big Jets fan so this sucks, obviously. I want to make a joke about how he just doesn't want to play preseason games because it's a Friday night and prime cougar hunting season the MILFs aren't going to tame themselves, but I'm a grown man since my suspension so I won't make those jokes. I will however be blogging the Jets all season because I am reformed and ready for action. So it sucks my first blog is about our season basically ending. Poor Zach Wilson getting hurt in the first quarter of our first preseason game. This team is so cursed. The Twitter doctors, a community I myself am a part of, are saying he tore his ACL.



I will need to see more angles of the play before I make my official diagnosis. I hope Zach gets better and if he is out for the season I hope we trade for someone or else I will have to suit up.