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Tom Brady Taking a 10-Day Break in the Middle of Training Camp is the Ultimate Power Move

This is just another example, in case you needed one, of why it’s good to be the Man in Charge.

Cording to reports, there is no dire medical emergency with anyone in the Brady family. Thank God. This is supposedly something that has been planned for a long time. Baked into Tom Brady’s unretirement plan. Reportedly having something to do with him achieving the elusive “work/life balance.“ Perhaps just a Mental Health Day. And by that I mean, a Mental Health Week and a Half. Even though he’s two weeks removed from his six months off. And who among us wouldn’t take that if we had the juice to pull it off? But since the rest of humanity is several Super Bowl rings shy of Brady’s record, he’s the only person walking the Earth who can arrange it.

So let the Conspiracy Theory Games begin! 

The Internet of course has wasted no time with rampant speculation. And while it would be grossly unfair to repeat the more personal ones, there’s no reason not to have fun about the professional ones. Like that he’s trying to swing a deal to another team. San Francisco maybe. Perhaps to complete hat Miami deal that he tried to make happen.

I particularly can’t help but notice that it’s only been days since the NFL punished the Dolphins for tampering with him while he was under contract with the Patriots and he hasn’t been available to answer questions about it since. What a guy go off the grid for 10 days to avoid having to answer or something like that? Gee, I don’t know. Just because political candidates, world leaders, celebrities, and business moguls do that kind of thing all the time, doesn’t mean a quarterback could pull such a move.

Unless he is in charge of the entire operation of his franchise, which Tom Brady most certainly is. He has the complete authority to come and go as he pleases. Plus he’s invested in a lot of other business interests and a forthcoming broadcast Korea, neither of which would be helped by him answering embarrassing questions about underhanded dealings while he was under contract with an NFL team. And 10 days away from having to answer far it seems just about right in our short attention span world.

Then again, maybe he just wants to chill out on the beach in Costa Rica for an extended vacation. Either way, he does whatever he wants to do. He has GOAT Privilege, and he’s not about to waste it.

I sincerely hope everything is OK in his personal life. If that is the case? Well, it's good to be the king.

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