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Tyson Fury Wants To Fight Hafthor Bjornsson (AKA The Mountain From Game Of Thrones)?!

I predicted this would happen! The best boxing spectacle of the past two years was not any Jake Paul Fight, Wilder-Fury 2 or anything else. It was Eddie Hall vs. The Mountain Halfthor Bjornson. These guys had actual beef and put on a crazy spectacle of a show where they really went at it for the whole fight. They had serious beef and it showed. 

Halfthor came out on top, he outboxed Eddie Hall and put on a decent showing for not having boxed his whole life. This is when I thought Tyson Fury could definitely try to make some money and come out of retirement to fight Halfthor because it would be the ultimate spectacle. Heres the blog I wrote on the Halfthor fight as well as the quote on how I though the fight would go. 

I know Tyson Fury would easily outbox Halfthor, but I don’t know how anyone could possibly get around Halfthor's huge jab. I know it's stupid to put Tyson Fury and Halfthor in the same boxing sentence, Tyson is a two-time heavyweight champion of the world, but I just would love to see how someone would have to outbox Halfthor's reach, size, and power. Halfthor has so much weight on Fury, down at 341 lbs from his powerlifting 450lbs compared to Tyson Fury's 278lbs. Both of them are 6'9". Of course, Tyson would win but… 341 lbs of pure muscle, and if Halfthor continues training… I mean it would be better watching than a Paul fight.

I can tell that Fury really wants this fight, why fly to Iceland if you didn't? I can also tell Halfthor wants it, he wants a giant bag and is willing to get in the ring. It will all be a money grab. Money and litigation is the only thing preventing this fight from happening. Kind of ridiculous that Tyson didn't check if Halfthor was in Iceland before going. Definitely feel like Tyson was trying to go on a boy's weekend and needed an excuse. Halfthor definitely crumbles but would be a good fight to see. McGregor vs. Halfthor was another spectacle.