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Edwin Diaz's Entrance In Yesterday's Game Looked Like It Was Straight Out Of A Movie

I am so happy that the rest of the world finally gets to see how awesome Edwin Diaz's entrance is now that the Mets are good enough for people to care about them. The only time fans heard about Diaz when he first came here was when he blew a save, which was quite often due to Rob Manfred's juiced balls whose seams made it impossible to throw his knee buckling slider, along with especially cruel Mets fans calling him Edlose.

Luckily the leader of that movement has been deplatformed on Twitter through the baseball playoffs and we have a shirt that accentuates the WIN in Edwin.



Was that entire production straight out of a Scorsese film a bit much for a regular season game against a 2nd place team that has been looking up at the Mets in the standings all year? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself. But who cares? Baseball is supposed to be fun and listening to the fine musical stylings of Blasterjaxx being accentuated by Timmy Trumpets is about as fun as it gets, along with Edwin Diaz MOWING down the best hitters in baseball by making them look like little leaguers.

Shout out Tim Healey who called this all the way back in 2020 when no fans were even at ballparks.

I have no clue why Edwin Diaz decided to scrap the song that made him the best closer on the planet back in 2018. But I'm sure glad he brought it back for a fanbase that needs not just a shutdown closer but a finisher that has a song that GETS THE PEOPLE GOING.

For more Diaz talk as well as the Mets taking care of business against the big bad Braves, check out our postgame We Gotta Believe, which includes another visit from our guy Chris Castellani.