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We're A Week Into Training Camp And Derrick Henry Is Already Breaking Helmets With His Stiff Arm

Death, taxes, and Derrick Henry breaking equipment while going through drills. It doesn't matter if it's Earl Thomas, a teammate in a drill, or a helmet on a stick, he is going to disrespect the helmet. Here he's going through a standard drill, just practicing the stiff arm against a helmet on a stick. Well Derrick can't really turn his game off, so when he went with the stiff arm he slammed the helmet into the ground and it broke like it was a cheap children's toy. I don't know what piece broke, but I do know it isn't easy to break anything on a helmet and he did it in a drill. It wasn't even necessarily a hard stiff arm, I think he's just that strong. This is just a reminder to pray for anyone who goes in for a tackle on DH because he absolutely has the ability to shatter your helmet into a billion pieces.