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There Are A Ton Of Bad Jobs Out There, But Being Derrick Henry's Personal Stiff Arm Dummy Has To Be Up There As The Worst

Derrick Henry's stiff arm is basically a weapon of mass destruction. It's deadly. An absolutely lethal and vicious move by arguably the best running back in football. He's basically the bone collector of the NFL, stiff arming anyone in sight. 

Now imagine you're in an NFL training camp and you get told that you have to be the dummy that sits on his knees and have DH run by you and stiff arm your head down into the turf. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. If you're one of those guys you're 100% heading directly to the trainer to get your neck worked on because theres a good chance Henry just rearranged every bone in your neck. This is arguably the worst job in America right now, has to be. 

Having a man that big and strong push directly down on your head can't feel good, this has to be a Mike Vrabel punishment for something. Late to stretch? Henry stiff arm dummy. Rookie forgot to bring donuts? Henry stiff arm dummy. False start on the goal line? Henry stiff arm dummy. Pray for those dummies, hope they have a speedy recovery.