There’s A Brand New Bullshit Report That The Cubs Now Want To Keep Willson Contreras Long Term

I would rather be a White Sox fan over the last decade than put up with another twist and turn in the Willson Contreras saga. Just trade the guy already. Everyone saying otherwise is just buying time and looking for goodwill once the dust settles. It’s the perfect sales pitch and I feel that way because it’s exactly how I’d manipulate you suckers. I’d be leaking shit left and right. “Productive dialogue with Willson leading up the last minute.” Stuff like “we’re just as surprised as anyone it had to come down to this.” That’s the messaging they’ll send, and along the way it gets doctored and dressed with these sub stories. The ones intended to make you feel warm and fuzzy that anyone cares about what you want. WE WERE THIS CLOSE!

The reality is that anything less than a trade at this point is borderline criminal behavior from the front office. I would petition congress to put our leadership in front of a subcommittee on anti-trust and competitive balance. Drop the big C word. 


That’s how I’d feel after a full calendar year of shipping away every source or Chicago Cubs happiness I’ve known since Zambrano got released. Whatever. Just don’t pussy out now after all the pain, disgust and embarrassment. Don’t sand bag me. Either rebuild it or be a normal big market team. But don’t you fucking dare do both. We got enough of that bullshit in this town already and I can’t stomach another team on that pathetic list.

also I thought you guys were smarter. I mean you reading this. I’ll address it later. Just disappointed with the general IQ in this world 

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