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Training Camp 101: Fred Warner Wants To Motivate Brandon Aiyuk By Talking Shit To Him, They Promptly Start Two Fights During Practice

Ah there it is. Nothing gets me going like a little training camp fight. In fact it's almost on par with what PMT had in their Mt. Rushmore: 

I tie it too the 'can't wait to hit someone else.' Almost every team has something like this and it cracks me up that it happens so early. A couple weeks in? Sure. I can understand that. You get annoyed with people. In fact Warner and Aiyuk have some background with this just a couple days ago: 

Fred Warner is doing it to help the team! The team, the team, the team. I actually believe some of what he's saying is true. Some guys are better pissed off. Some guys need to get pissed off and unlock something else. Now I would say don't fight each other, but I'm not a 49ers fan. Go ahead and fight. That's one team eliminated in the NFC for my Giants. 

At least they got Deebo back? That's a pro here. Gotta say though I love the strategy by Fred Warner. Big fan of talking shit to friends, not a big fan of getting in a near brawl. Prefer not to have to worry about getting hit - with or without a helmet on. I'm too old for that. But you move on from quarterbacks and deal with that situation, this is how you take some pressure off. The story is now fighting, not Trey Lance taking over. Training camp 101 stuff. 

PS: At the time of this blog, there is no video which is incredibly disappointing. Get your shit together, Media.