Video: Very Cool Moment When Jon Stewart Hears How His Vets Program At 'The Daily Show' Changed My Life

Welp, that was pretty neat, especially since I've never had the chance to say, "Thank you". Think my heart exploded in my chest a little. 

The program they were talking about was The Daily Show's Veteran Immersion Program which is one of the overwhelmingly biggest factors in where I am today. I wrote about my experience in detail that you could read HERE, but basically after I got out of the military, myself & other vets got to complete a crash course in media/show production at Stewart's studio & the entire staff was AMAZING. The program culminated in a job fair and lo & behold, my first job after the Marines was at Comedy Central, and after work each night I'd begun doing standup, sketch & improv with some of the other vets because the writers on the show pointed us in the right directions for getting started. It changed the whole trajectory of my life; it was the first time I actually believed that maybe I could have a career in media & it wasn't just a pipe-dream. 

All that's to say, I see people upset about him calling out politicians who shot down the PACT Act (and no, there's no $400bn slush fund btw, just go read the bill & the updates to it yourself), but I truly believe he'd be going after anyone from any party who pulled a stunt like that. As someone who has directly benefited from his kindness, I feel confident saying the man just genuinely cares about the vets... He was always outspoken against the wars, but that didn't stop him from supporting the troops who were sent to fight in them, and he did that in countless ways from fundraising for charities, to the program at his show, to keeping our issues in the spotlight & beyond. 

On the flip side, so many politicians who were in favor of those wars & kept them going for so long & were fine with spending TRILLIONS with little oversight & no accountability for the massive failures don't actually care about us at all. They have our beloved troops in their photo ops & use us as pawns & talking points to spark outrage from the public when they need it (every side does this), but don't seem bothered that some of those same troops are stuck in limbo begging the VA to help them (and their families) care for illnesses from their exposures to toxins. 

ANYWAYS - If you're confused as to what all the fuss is about & want it broken down Barney style, this episode is the one to listen to. It's also just a great interview with an icon & all-around good human being. Great way to start your week: