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VIDEO: Octopus Attacks Bald Eagle

This video is an allegory for the U.S being held down by the tentacles of corrupt politicians that emerge from the deep (ocean) state. No just kidding; this is just the craziest crossover in the animal kingdom I have ever seen. 

The Octopus from the ocean floors engaging in combat with the soaring sky-scraping Bald Eagle. Think about how many times this could have possibly happened in history. Do we think this has happened 100 times in all of history? How many times could a bald eagle possibly be close enough to an octopus for this to happen? Then out of those limited times, how many did the Octopus manage to get a hold of the eagle? 

This goes to show just how intelligent Octopuses actually are. Octopus is so smart that it's being debated how to classify them regarding lab experiments. Because of their high intelligence, many countries' ethics committees are starting to classify them under the same status as monkeys and Apes.