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Everton Fan Who Has Driven Supplies Across Europe To Ukrainian Refugees Is Brought Onto The Field To Take A Penalty In A Great Moment

aVery cool moment and a worthy reward. An Everton supporter who has done vital work to help refugees in Ukraine got to take a penalty for his favorite team against Dynamo Kyiv, Ukraine's most famous club. 

My only problem...he's a grown man. Sure, let him take it. That's cool. Don't let him score. This isn't a make-a-wish kid. He's an adult. If it were me I'd want the goalie to try and stonewall my ass. Give me a full effort and I wouldn't just try to roll it into the goal either. I'd step up to the spot and drill that ball as hard as I could and I'd with with the rupture hamstring and blown out hip flexor later. My body would be in shambles, but at least my pride would be intact. 

PS: Starting an EPL gambling show. Ep 1 is recorded and will be out next week. Ep 2...will also be out next week. The season is upon us. Follow everything related to this tweet