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Watch: Will Smith finally issued an apology to Chris rock and boy oh BOY does it suck

The slap was one of the WILDEST moments in pop culture history and that might actually be an understatement. I think the best way to put it in perspective is that there is literally no moment you can compare it to. No analogy could possibly do it justice. In the middle of one of the most prestigious award shows on earth (where he was a heavy favorite to win his first ever Oscar) he got up, slapped the fuck out of a presenter, sat down and cursed him out. All in front of literally of dozens of people watching on live TV. No other moment can do it justice! 

In Smith's video, he does address right off the top the most obvious question: Why didn't he try to save face and apologize to Chris Rock during his acceptance speech. He says how he was "fogged out" and didn't think of it or whatever. He is also asked if Jada put him up to it which he flatly denied. I don't believe that at all but whatever. Outside of that hits all the regular Logan Paul apology video beats and doesn't say anything crazy. Personally, I think the craziest part is that he waited FOUR MONTHS to apologize for one of the most insane actions ever televised. 

Even though Smith says that Chris Rocks camp told him that he isn't ready to talk about it, it seems like Rock is ready to move on. 

To me, the slap will forever mark the true turn of Will Smith's image of wholesome, likable corny dude (see Tom Hanks) to standard Hollywood psychopath. The whole cuck thing definitely put that in motion, but the slap did the heavy lifting. The good news is that at least Bad Boys 4 can finally start getting made I guess.  

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