If The Yankees Have Any Guts They Will Score 6 Runs Tonight

New York Daily News Archive. Getty Images.

The New York Mets embarrassed the big bad Yankees the last two nights. The Mets took the team with the best record in the league and reminded them Citi Field is no walk in the park. For all the love the Yankees have. gotten this season with their 66-33 record, the Mets are tearing it up as well (61-37), 4.5 games behind the Yankees for MLB's best record. Reminder - without Jacob Degrom for the entire season thus far, and with Max Scherzer missing time as well. 

This is not an anti Yankee post despite the headline (if you want a true anti-Yankee post read this : LINK) , in fact I'm a huge Yankee backer tonight. My rationale is this, they just lost 2 painful games to The New York Mets. The fans were upset with the results, the team is upset with the results, etc. However, The Yankees just acquired Andrew Benintendi , they are the first buyer in the arms race of World Series contenders. The Mets losses sting but how do you rebound from that ? You face The Kansas City Royals at home. You show out for the home fans. That's if they have any guts. If they truly have guts they will score OVER 5.5 RUNS +120 tonight and remind everyone they are a force in the American League and the MLB. It's my best bet tonight (17-7 run on Best Bets on Hot Ice). 

- Note - The line was 4.5 runs this morning, can't reiterate enough to get lines as early as possible_ 

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Reminder … the HIT PARADE is on a 3 game win streak and is +7 units YTD. 

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