Ukraine Figures Out Russian Intelligence Plot Because One Of Their Pilots Had A Girlfriend That Was Way Too Hot For Him

An alleged 'too hot' FSB 'girlfriend-for-hire' is at the centre of a spy operation in which both Russian and Ukrainian intelligence agents were evidently seeking to outsmart each other.

Yet a new claim from a respected media investigator who says he was monitoring the operation for a documentary is that the Russians suffered a significant failure.

The sudden appearance of Maria - an alleged 'too hot' plant by the FSB - proved to the Ukrainians that a clumsy Lubyanka sting operation was underway, says the journalist Christo Grozev, a leading sleuth of the British Bellingcat internet investigation bureau.

Kyiv military intelligence officers 'tried to recruit Russian military pilots for a monetary reward and guarantees of obtaining citizenship of one of the EU countries,' said the FSB, once headed by Putin.

Reports said Russian pilots could have made $2 million (USD) for defecting with their military aircraft.

It's hard to know the truth of what actually happened here. It is an ABSOLUTELY insane story. Ukrainian intelligence were essentially trying to lure Russian pilots with cash and were making some progress. Then, it became clear that the Russians figured out what was going on and tried to place assets in the Ukrainian program. The Russians were trying to pretend that they didn't know what the fuck Ukraine was up to and use their own plot against them. Take it down with double or even triple agents from the inside. 


Then it all fell apart because of one ugly and pathetic loser of a Russian pilot. This guy and his "girlfriend"

Agent 1: "I think they're on to us"

Agent 2: "How do you know?"

Agent 1: "Well the pilots appear to be coached up by Russian intelligence now with their answers and we have some communications intercepts"

Agent 2: "Hmm"

Agent 1: "And look at this guy's "girlfriend". No chance she'd fuck that guy in a billion years. He could be the last dude on Earth after this thing goes nuclear and she still wouldn't fuck him"

Agent 2: "Good point. Shut it down"

There's always collateral damage in war, but nothing as humiliating as this. This poor pawn of a Russian pilot is getting dragged all over the internet for being one ugly and pathetic loser. He probably was thinking that he was Maverick and could wheel the hottest chicks in Eastern Europe. Everyone else took one look at him, saw that he definitely cut his own hair, and knew something was fishy. His ugly mug posted on every website across the globe. Forever known as the guy too ugly to believe. 

And if he weren't such a loser he would've been able to sell the fact that he had a hot girlfriend with swagger and confidence. Being told your girlfriend is too hot for you is actually the greatest compliment in the world. Like…I know I am not particularly good looking but I try to make up for it with charm and wit. If this guy were an American he could've just been like "well, I am funny and I fly jets bro. Of course I am fucking her". But everyone knows that Russians have no sense of humor so that could never happen. As a result the Russians have to rethink their entire honey pot program. They need to go from recruiting 9s and 10s to like 7s who have bad breath or something.

The journalist from the tweets above is going forward with the documentary he is making about this entire thing. I can not WAIT to see that. Russia's only move now is to send a smokebomb after him and try to lure him into a similar trap. Only way to save face here.