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A Chess Playing Robot Breaks The Finger Of Its 7-Year-Old Opponent For Moving Early

Holy fuck, boys. That's a little greasy there, eh? I mean there's sending a message and then there's taking it way over the line. There should be one question and one question only on the minds of all the world leaders. Does chess need enforcers?

As the video above clearly indicates, the answer to the aforementioned question is a resounding yes. Not only does chess need enforcers, but humanity might need enforcers as well if this is the start of the man vs machine war that we've been building up towards for centuries now.

We can't just let ourselves get bullied like that. Sure, maybe the little kid shouldn't have tried to make his move so early. I get that. But you take a run at one of our guys, we have to respond and take a run right back at you. Chess might not come across as a contact sport but it's a battle. It's a war. And you can't win wars without fighting dirty. Get me a bunch of goons to go fuck this robot up. Send a bunch of dudes from Philly over there to do the same thing we did to HitchBOT. 

RIP ya dead bitch.