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The Highlights Of Tomas Nido And Luis Guillorme's Live Stream During The MLB All-Star Game Is The Most Delightful Thing I've Seen All Week

What's better than this? Guys being dudes. 

We already knew the Mets have the money, the manager, and the talent to be a contender this year. But watching Tomas Nido and Luis Guillorme having the time of their lives watching the All-Star Game, sipping tequila, and busting all their teammates balls is all I need to see to know this team has the locker room of a special team.

Yeah you need guys like Max Scherzer, Jacob deGrom, Pete Alonso, and Francisco Lindor to win a World Series. But you also need guys like Nido and Guillorme keeping everyone loose by calling out Jeff McNeil for being a screaming lunatic every time he pops out while also laughing at him for somehow keeping the Mets incredible hit by pitch record-breaking pace in tact during a goddamn exhibition game, while also keeping it real by admitting their own shortcomings.

I'm not even busting Nido's balls either because even though he may be a career .208 hitter, he is still beloved by Mets fans, is pretty much the personal catcher for the best pitcher in baseball, and has his own fucking logo.

As for Luis Guillorme, he is the 2022 NL MVP if he gets enough playing time and if you disagree, you don't know ball (This is what assholes say in the year 2022).

Also, I am giving this video the silver medal for most delightful All-Star Game reaction since Chris Castellani's soul is as pure as the fresh fallen snow. A great video for sure but anything with the Mii song playing in the background is going to take the gold in my power rankings every single time. 

Speaking of Castellani, we are going to have him on tomorrow's We Gotta Believe as we preview the Mets second half, get into some trade deadline discussions, and whatever else that beautiful baseball robot wants to talk about, which I imagine will turn into a whole bunch of Juan Soto trade chatter like it did last episode.

h/t Dianna for making that masterpiece