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Highly Anticipated PlayStation Game 'Stray' Dropped Today! Did It Live Up To The Hype?

Highly anticipated game 'Stray' finally released today!

I played about 3 hours today to give you guys the review and ultimately answer the question: is Stray worth buying? Here's my review below:

Longer Form Review

First things first, Stray is ONLY available for PlayStation and PC. So, if you're a ride or die Xbox player, I'm sorry for your loss! The game is only $30 which is awesome - I'm sick and tired of shitty games releasing with a $60 or $70 price point. $30 doesn't make you feel like you're selling your soul away and gives you the chance to commit to buying a game.

Stray is a ton of fun in the amount that I've played this game. Mechanically, the game is very easy to play. However, it requires a lot of mental effort in order to progress through the levels. Your cat is a silent protagonist and finds a robot buddy named B-12. B-12 is very similar to Ghost from Destiny - he guides you along the way and assists with speaking to other NPCs. There's a lot of levels to the game and it reminds me of one giant puzzle.

If you want my full review with gameplay, checkout the video above!