Netflix Making Documentary On Manti Te'o's Girlfriend (Or Lack Thereof)

Let me take you back to 2013 when El Presidente wrote this blog on the Manti Te'o catfishing story.

I mean, looking back on this incident, the whole concept of Catfishing was quite unknown. Public perception thought it was more likely Manti Te'o had been lying to advantage himself in some way. The Term Catfishing had only been termed 3 years prior.

The modern term originated from the 2010 American documentary Catfish. The documentary follows Nev Schulman, the executive producer, as a victim of catfishing. He had cultivated a relationship with what he thought was a 19-year-old girl from the Midwestern United States. The woman with whom he had been communicating was actually a 40-year-old housewife. In the documentary, the woman's husband makes a comparison between the woman’s behaviour and a mythical use for literal catfish in the shipping of live cod fish. The myth is that cod were shipped with catfish in the same tanks to keep the cod active, ensuring the quality of the cod, whereas when shipped alone the cod would become pale and lethargic.[2][3][4] This myth originated in the fiction writing of Henry Nevinson (1913, Essays in Rebellion) and Charles Marriott (1913, The Catfish).

Manti Te'o was the first mainstream national figure to fall victim to such a concept and to everyone including Dave Portnoy thought the same thing. From Portnoy's original blog.

Long story short Manti Te’o rickrolled all off college football and the national media by concocting a story about how his girlfriend died in a car accident 6 hours after his grandmother died to garner publicity for himself.  Only problem.  His girlfriend never existed.  Absolutely one of the most bizarre stories I can ever remember in my life.  Seriously what type of lunatic does this? Oh right. A ND guy does that’s who. The most fake righteous college in the world.

I mean, that's what sounded like the straightforward answer. The internet was young then. Scams, fake identities, and fake news had never been concocted before. The whole idea that someone out there might deceive someone like this was so foreign. As well as the concept of dating someone long distance and never ever seeing them. 

Going to be a good one to tune into and really figure out what the hell happened.