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Jake Paul's Opponent Dwarfs Hims

From TMZ

"Bro, [Jake's] a little boy, and I'm gonna treat him like one. That's what Woodley didn't do. Woodley gave him too much respect, and he sat back with his hands down and he got caught," 31-year-old Rahman Jr. bluntly said when we asked where Tyron went wrong when fighting 25-year-old Paul.

And, 6'3" Rahman Jr. -- who has previously fought north of 260 pounds -- believes he has another advantage ... size!

"All of Jake's opponents have been smaller than him. All of them have been much smaller. This is the first time he's going to be in there with someone that's walking him down and much bigger than him."

Paul -- who's 6'1" and was 191 pounds when he fought Woodley (T-Wood weight 189 for 2021 rematch) -- has faced fighters who all stand under 6 feet (Gib, 5'9". Robinson, 5'8". Askren, 5'11". Woodley, 5'9").

This guy is pretty goddamn big. He has fought at 260lbs. My theory used to be that Jake Paul only fought small guys in order to use his reach to take them down. This is a guy who is a behemoth next to Paul who I believe is truly only 5-10 and totally dwarfed by the 6'3 son of a former heavyweight champ. This first time seeing them next to each other makes me think that this isn't going to be as much of a cakewalk as we think. The press conference was pretty tense. At one point Hasim Rahman Sr. talked about his sons shortcomings and why he might be an easy target for Jake.

Paul is great on the mic, his undressing with words definitely left the Rahmans taken aback

The press conference cleared up a lot of the rumors regarding Hasim wanting more money. They also had claimed that Jake had beat up Hasim in sparring which Hasim then claimed they were releasing selective footage. Rasim claimed that he boxed Jake Paul with one jab with no big rights, as he was handicapped to spar Paul. I may have totally talked myself into this but I actually think this is going to be a great fight. Though Hasim Rahman jr. may not be the most technical boxer, Rasim is definitely the most athletic and imposing boxer Paul has ever faced. 

That statement in that tweet was said in the press conference. I don’t think this is going to be fixed. Because Rahim isn't playing ball. In the press conference, he was calling out Jake Paul for not actually fighting him at heavyweight, He was calling him out for the rehydration clause, and it wasn't like the Woodley press conferences that strictly stuck to the fight. Hasim isn't making as much as any of the guys who fought Paul before. It would be way more lucrative for Hasim to KO Paul and launch his career as opposed to just taking a dive. He wouldn't be calling Jake out for buying him followers to boost his status. 


Here's the full press conference.