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The Trailer For The Mandalorian Season 3 Has Leaked And It Looks AWESOME

Hand up, I have no clue which event they are leaking trailers for Disney+ streaming shows on giant movie theater screens and Robbie is currently mini golfing for $10,000. But as someone that needed a palate cleanser after being underwhelmed by the Obi-Wan Kenobi show, I would like to thank to rebel (get it?) that film/uploaded this trailed that I'm very happy to "spoil" for myself instead of getting it in 4K magic on my TV just so I can get some fresh hype over The Wars.

Some quick thoughts on said trailer:

- Would it have killed for ol' curly q sitting one row ahead to slouch down a little. We have a goddamn trailer to leak! Also I'm not sure why, but this tweet being in Spanish made it feel like a super secret leak.

- Baby Yo being back in the mix just feels so right. Don't get me wrong, I like that he dabbled with Luke Skywalker and fucked around with The Force a little bit. But this show is as much about Baby Yo as it is Mando. Shit, I'm sure the merchandising department at Disney would say the entire Star Wars universe is all about Baby Yo at this point (I still refuse to call him the G word because it's too ugly for such a cute little guy). Anyway, I'm happy we don't have to go through a whole season waiting to see if he will return to Mando.

- Seeing starship chases in asteroid fields always give me those Empire vibes, which is about as good a vibes as my nerd soul can get.

John Williams was in his motherfucking bag when he wrote that song

- I know that nerdy negativity usually goes hand-in-hand with Star Wars fans. But I refuse to be negative about a show that delivered the goods in both seasons it was on TV not to mention saved The Book of Boba Fett from being a disaster. #TrustTheFiloni forever.

- The biggest winner in this trailer was easily Babu Frik, who went from a cute character in a dogshit movie to cute character in what is by far the best part of Star Wars galaxy right now

Giphy Images.


- I guess we are going going, back back, to Mandalore Mandalore. I think it would've been cool to reveal this in the show, but there is always one monster reveal at the end of Star Wars trailers and I'm just gonna be happy they didn't wedge in another Darth Vader breathing soundbite, no matter how little sense it would have made given Mando's timeline.

- I am going to be so fucking confused when there are a million masked up Mandalorians flying around and I'm not sure who is who. Getting old sucks.

I'm sure we'll dig into this trailer much deeper when it's actually released since I bet Robbie will refuse to watch it until it officially comes out. So subscribe to the My Mom's Basement YouTube to get our takes as soon as we fire them.

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