Nothing To Worry About: NYC Emergency Management Released A Video Today Out Of Nowhere Outlining The "Important Steps for New Yorkers to Follow If a Nuclear Attack Occurs."

Oh no worries guys. Just getting everybody's week started off with some do's and don'ts in response to a nuclear holocast. 

Full transparency here- I'm what my friends call a "prepper" and they think I'm a lunatic. I consider myself only somewhat prepared for when and if a real disaster such as this occurs. I've got the masks, suits, iodine pills, water filtration devices, canned and dehydrated foods, cash, gold, and ammo all stocked up. Only thing I don't have is a bug-out location. Being in an urban environment such as Chicago that's kind of a huge deal. I'm working on it. 

Call me insane, that's fine. I'd rather have all the stuff, and the knowledge, and never need it, than need it and not have it. 

After seeing how well our awesome government did handling Katrina I think you have to be the crazy one to think they would provide any assistance whatsoever if a dirty bomb were detonated, or Putin decided to go out guns blazing before he croaks.


That said, a question I get asked a lot by the people who think I'm nuts is "if a nuclear bomb when off near or where you were, would you even want to survive?"

And that applies here.

If a nuke went off in New York City, and you were there or somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard, do you even want to live through it? 

The blast radius for an attack in downtown New York shows the following (according to Nuke Map) - 

You could pretty much kiss Wall St, City Hall, the airports, sports venues, all the highrises and skyscrapers, and Barstool HQ goodbye. 

The fallout, from what I've seen in tv specials, and read is pretty much just as bad if not worse because instead of dying an instant death being vaporized, you die a slow, painful, and torturous one. 

Not to mention, it's safe to say if a nuke were to off, our response would be swift and fierce all but guaranteeing assured mutual destruction. (Unless the aliens intervened again). And who wants to live on a planet like that?

All in all, such a bizarre fucking video to release to the public out of the blue. 

Definitely gives you pause and makes you scratch your head (after taking off your tin foil hat of course).

Here's the full video-

p.s. - Michael Angelo and I are getting the Barstool Book Club up and running again this week now that holiday is over. One of the books I've loved reading multiple times that pertains to this and other disaster experiences is "Emergency" by one of my favorite authors ever, Neil Strauss. HIGHLY recommend it. Especially given today's climate. Thining of using it as one of my book choices for the club too because even if you think prepping is fucking crazy it still makes for a really entertaining read.

p.p.s.- since timing is everything, maybe this isn’t a coincidence given the Georgia Guidestones, and their instructions for rebuilding society after a apocalyptic event, were just demolished?