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One Ferrari Car Goes Up In Flames, While The Other Ferrari Car Wins The Race! What The Fuck Happened At The 2022 Austrian Grand Prix?

The duality of man (and F1 cars).

(Top picture) On lap 58, Carlos Sainz was driving a very good race when suddenly his engine suffered a major failure. The car immediately started smoking and eventually went up in flames with Carlos Sainz stuck in the car. Pretty terrifying moment to watch live, but thankfully Sainz is physically okay. Mentally, that dude's gotta be fighting some major demons.

Ferrari continues to be their own worst enemy! 

On the other side of the spectrum, Charles Leclerc wins the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix! Towards the end of the race, Leclerc was suffering some mechanical issues with his throttle. While watching live, I was waiting for the second where he too suffered some sort of major issue causing a DNF. 

Thankfully for him and Ferrari fans, it never reached a critical level. So he was able to manage it, hold off Max Verstappen and win the Austrian Grand Prix.

The podium resulted in a a Leclerc victory, Verstappen 2nd place and Hamilton 3rd.

This is the first race that Leclerc has won when he didn't start on pole.

On lap 1, Mercedes' George Russell and Red Bull's Sergio Perez made contact, resulting in Perez spinning out and dropping to the back of the pack.

After pitting and not being to pick up the pace due to car damage, Perez ending up retiring the car resulting in a DNF. Russell was forced to serve a 5 second penalty - but he was still able to finish the race in 4th place! 

Every race that Russell has been able to finish has resulted in a Top 5 finish. Mr. Consistency! The only race he wasn't able to finish Top 5 was the British Grand Prix, when he got out of the car to try and help Zhou Guanyu after a brutal accident.

Mercedes is relatively back, but they still have a lot of time to make up if they want to compete with Ferrari and Red Bull.

It was a mega race for both the Haas drivers as Mick Schumacher is named the Driver of the Day with a P6 finish! That's two races in a row he's been able to score points for his team. Magnussen was a couple spots behind him with a P8 finish.

Haas is back!!!

My favorite moment of the race was when Alpine's Fernando Alonso held off Alpha Tauri's Yuki Tsunoda. While driving 200 mph, the former World Champion Fernando Alonso, gave Yuki the Mutombo finger wag:

That's just badass.

The Top 10 resulted as follows:

By Max winning the sprint race yesterday and Leclerc winning today, the Verstappen lead is down to 38 points for the Driver's Championship. It's going to come down to the wire and I can't wait to watch the rest of the season unfold between these two dogs.