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Utter Chaos At Silverstone: The British Grand Prix Opened Up With A Massive Crash On The First Turn

Even crazier angle:

POV from the stands:

Let me start by saying THANK GOD Zhou Guanyu is safe and okay after this crash. 

It was a very scary scene in Silverstone this morning with a monster crash to kick off the British Grand Prix. It appears that Pierre Gasly bumped George Russell which led to Russell hitting and flipping Zhou's car. Both Zhou and George had terrible starts which led to the track becoming congested. Pierre was trying to pass and get position. Russell didn't see Pierre approaching on his left. The rest is history.

Zhou was quite literally skidding on his head. This is one of those times you realize the importance of the halos for the F1 cars.

Last year we saw the halo potentially save Lewis Hamilton's life after this crash with Max Verstappen:

The incident also led to Alex Albon crashing and DNFing from the race.

On turn 1, there was a huge crash between George Russell (Mercedes), Zhou Guanyu (Alfa Romeo) and Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri). After about a 15 minute delay, the paramedics were able to get Zhou out of his car and safely get him onto a stretcher.

Formula 1 is one of the most intense sports in the world because of how dangerous the sport can be. Thankfully, the entire circuit is extremely focused on driver safety so moments like this don't result in the worst possible scenario.

Update on Zhou: