Britney Griner Pleads Guilty To Drug Smuggling In Russia And Faces 10 Years In Prison

This is absolute BULLSHIT. I mean what are we talking about here? If you want to have strict drug policies, that is fine. You want to fine Griner to no end on her way out of the country...that's your laws. You want to ban her permanently from Russia, also fine I guess. 10 years in jail for a couple of vape cartridges is egregious. She isn't some drug kingpin smuggling in a shipping container. She was going through TSA with some oils for personal use. The fact that we couldn't negotiate some sort of release deal is pathetic. I am sure Russia asked for like every high ranking KGB/FSB agents detained anywhere in the world, but our job is to protect our citizens. This is the latest

Asked about the possibility of Griner being swapped for a Russian jailed in the U.S., Ryabkov, the senior Russian diplomat, noted that until her trial is over “there are no formal or procedural reasons to talk about any further steps.”

He warned that U.S. criticism, including a description of Griner as wrongfully detained and dismissive comments about the Russian judicial system, “makes it difficult to engage in detailed discussion of any possible exchanges.”

“The persistence with which the U.S. administration ... describes those who were handed prison sentences for serious criminal articles and those who are awaiting the end of investigation and court verdicts as ‘wrongfully detained’ reflects Washington’s refusal to have a sober view of the outside world,” Ryabkov snapped.

Very scary and very shitty situation to add to the list of endless shitty situations right now. 

Full episode on what happened from earlier this year