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Alright, Let's Talk About Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 Episode 1 (Holy Fuck That Is An Obnoxious Headline)


Robbie and I are back down in the basement to talk Stranger Things 4 Part Volume 2 Episode 1 with another YouTube quick hitter. I know that is a lot of fucking numbers to go along with a lame ass headline to avoid spoilers to the people with jobs/lives that couldn't clear out a cool 6 hours for 2 episodes of television. But I'm fine with whatever the Duffer brothers give us and when they give it to us because they haven't missed yet. 

Anyway, here are some quick thoughts on the penultimate episode of the season, which in Game of Thrones terms means people are gonna die and shit is about to go down, for the people that either don't like watching videos or simply refuse to give me and Robbie a sweet, sweet YouTube view.


- RIP Papa. I guess. To be honest I thought I've seen you die multiple times and technically you could've survived bleeding out in the middle of the desert because that's how TV goes and I'm still not sure if you were a good guy or a bad guy. However since this episode was named "Papa", I knew you were the deadest of meat.

- Vecna spoiling the Stranger Things finale for Nancy with those images from the future is the most fucked up thing he's done yet. Anybody who spoils Stranger Things, or pretty much anything, should have all their bones broken and eyeballs popped.

- Speaking of Nancy, let's check in to see how she's doing.

No context Nancy Wheeler any given Stranger Things season

They say you can't turn a bad girl good. But once a good girl's gone bad, she's gone forever. Jay-Z said that, so you know it's true. It's okay though because I'm still going to marry her after my wife divorces me and I figure out how to marry a fictional character.

Giphy Images.


This is how I picture our first dance goes

- I'm not sure why I expected Will's painting to be a bigger ah ha moment if it wasn't in the ilk of Todd's painting from Wedding Crashers. But I feel like that painting is coming back in full foreshadowing force considering a little girl with magical powers told him what to paint.

- The most realistic thing I've heard this entire series was Will saying they should bring El to Vegas and use her powers to become rich. Not that I would ever do that! I only gamble fair and responsibly on the Barstool Sportsbook! 

- As a company man, I also must pitch our absolutely beautiful shirts currently in the Barstool Store 


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- This scene RULED and they absolutely nailed the music choice.

- I lived in a time when everybody didn't have a phone or at least a GPS. But how did you find gas stations in the middle of the desert without a map back in the day? Keep driving on a main road and pray? Because I feel like Argyle & Co. would've been fucked multiple times in their journey due to that. 

- I love Eleven becoming our good guy version of Darth Vader.

I'm even down for Millie Bobby Brown's rumored Star Wars role to just be Eleven in a galaxy far, far away since I don't trust the creative minds at Disney to create good fresh Star Wars content unless Filoni and Favreau are directly involved.


- This felt like a supercharged setup episode for the finale that is 2.5 hours long, which is going to be reeeeally hard for Robbie and I to wrap up in our usual 15 minute snippets on YouTube. But we will do it because we are warriors. And by warriors I mean a couple of fucking nerds that completely realize they are blessed working a dream job.

If you want to see any of our other Stranger Things quick hitter recaps, click on the videos below. We'll also be releasing a compilation of all of these on the My Mom's Basement podcast feed and will have a full Season 4 recap with KFC next week. So subscribe on Apple or Spotify if you want those as soon as they drop.

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