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Of Course A Barefoot John Daly Was Smashing Golf Balls Over A Highway And Onto A High School Football Field

I mean, yeah, of course. This isn't even like a 'wow' moment, this is just what John Daly does. He shows up in random places - Akron, Ohio - takes off his shoes and hits bombs. Frankly I'm shocked the ball didn't go a bit longer and smash a window out of the high school. That's a little downhill shot there and easy to push a little. Danger zone all over the place. 

I don't know why but the full bag is making me crack up. As if he needed club choices and wasn't going driver here. We're talking about the dude who made this song a hit. A jam even! 

I'm also nearly 100% positive this is just the John Daly uniform. Arkansas shit head to toe. Sunglasses. No shoes or socks. Bury John Daly in that outfit. Let him play in golf events wearing just that. Stop with the polo shirt nonsense - for Daly. 

As someone who lives in Ohio, I can say the biggest shock here is the lack of rubbernecking from drivers. Ohio drivers STINK at just driving. They have to slow down to look at every little damn thing. Now you have a true display of greatness and no one is stopping? Get out of here.