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Lori Lightfoot To The Rescue: The City Is Doing A Feasibility Study On Giving Soldier Field A Dome

Lori Lightfoot, the Queen of doing things that nobody wants. This is beyond stupid. The Bears are gone. They're going to Arlington. This isn't going to solve ANY of the problems with Soldier Field. It's not going to make it bigger. The bathroom lines will be the same. The traffic in and out are going to be the same. A dome would just take away the one thing that makes Soldier Field feel like Chicago which is the elements on the Lake Front. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Lori is doing this just so she can hand a GIANT government construction contract to someone who will then turn around and make a large donation to her re-election campaign and then pay her $50,000 for a few public speaking engagements. That is the only way a dome on Soldier Field would be logical. Corrupt, yes, but that is logical. A dome for the sake of a dome is just the dumbest thing ever. 

This is just a pathetic break-up move. It's like the girl who finally leaves the relationship after years of neglect from the boyfriend. He panics and does a grand gesture. Maybe takes her to a nice seafood dinner and she's like "I don't eat fish. This isn't what I asked for". 

Let it go, Lori. The city fucked up Soldier Field from day 1. Don't put lipstick on a pig. Just bulldoze the place. Leave the pillars and make it into a ground that can be used for something cool. A smaller stadium for the Fire and concerts. Hell...maybe put a racetrack there. Imagine horses coming down the stretch and the finish line has the pillars in the background. Would be cool. There's probably no good or perfect answer for what to do with Soldier Field now, but I know spending a gazillion dollars to slap a dome on top ain't it. 

Also...what a guy