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Kendrick Perkins Crediting Kevin Durant For Being Loyal To The Nets While He Demands a Trade is a Hilarious Take

Nothing, and I mean nothing, screams loyalty more than demanding a trade from a team you have a four year commitment to. Now hand up, the moment the KD news dropped I flipped to ESPN to see some live coverage because the TNT guys were unfortunately unavailable. Doing that was daring Kendrick Perkins to open his mouth and say some dumb shit. He promptly said some dumb shit. 

I love how loyalty in the NBA can be expressed by showing up to work. We should be bowing down and crowning these guys for doing their job they get handsomely paid to do. I suppose when you are on the team with Kyrie and Simmons it is a shock when the guys you pay tens of millions of dollars to actually play in the games, but let's stop the KD loyalty praise. 

I love the NBA and the drama that constantly surrounds it, but contracts really are worthless. You wake up one day on the wrong side of the bed and you could force your way to a new city in a matter of hours. KD should have absolutely no leverage whatsoever considering he's got 4 years $194 million left on his deal, but no team in the league is gonna trade for him if he doesn't wanna play there. It's all so stupid. It is equally fantastic watching this all happen to the Nets. Between the Mets last few games and this I'm not sure how much more Tank can take.