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I Have A Pretty Wild Take On Aliens. And I'm Ready To Share It With The World

Ok so here's the deal. 

I've held a pretty wild take on aliens for a while now, that I've mostly kept to myself. 

A large contingent of people already think I'm fucking crazy, which is fine, so I didn't need to throw fuel on the fire by shouting it from the rooftops. 

With more and more sightings by the day, and the governments around the world now all of a sudden not holding the information close to their chest and classifying everything, I think you would have to be the crazy person to deny aliens exist. Or that some other form of life exists out there.

That said, I not only believe this, but I have a theory that's even more out there than just that. 

And I went on my friends' podcast last week to discuss it. And other things.

So to break that clip down, yes I believe in pretty much anything that hasn't been disproven by people smarter than me. Like "guilty until proven innocent". I know what I don't know, and I don't know shit. As humans, we know a lot about a lot, we think we know everything, when in reality we don't know dick about dick. 

So with that said, and with all the damning evidence, yes aliens exist. 

But I don't necessarily think the ones visiting us are life forms from another planet, galaxy, or universe. 

Stay with me here.

What if, these "aliens" we are encountering and witnessing is actually us?

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What if we're being visited by humans from the future? 

What if these ships are future human creations, from the future, using time travel to visit us in the past? What if it's human-created artificial intelligence manning these ships, or helping create them, enabling them to take advantage of a concept (time-travel) we grasped (Einstein, Hawking), but never thought we'd be capable of using? 

What if in the future, between advanced technology, and artificial intelligence, "we" are able to unlock the secret to time travel and use it? What if these ships are the first signs of successful attempts from these future humans at reaching us, and making contact? What if they aren't officially reaching out because they're manned by A.I.- test pilots on test runs? 

Until we unlock the secret of old age, there's just no way possible humans, or any living being most likely, could survive traveling at the speed of light, or the time it would take to reach point A to point B in different universes even at the speed of light. So the unmanned A.I. idea would make sense. 

Why would we be traveling to the past to contact ourselves you ask?

Well because we probably found a way to wipe 9/10ths of ourselves off the planet at some point in the near future. Be it through nuclear winter, mutually assured destruction, planned or unplanned manufactured bio weapons or disease, climate change, for and/or water shortages, etc. They're all in play. What if the ones lucky enough to get out of here are stuck floating around in space looking for a new home, or worse yet, we found what we thought would be one, like Mars, and turns out if fucking sucks? What if it turns out Earth is the greatest place in the universe and the only one of its kind, and after realizing this, we're trying to get ahold of ourselves to tell us to stop fucking it up? 

It's definitely a logical argument, right? 

It would also explain alien abductions. People who claimed to be abducted, and had studies performed on them or whatever, were taken by future scientists or anthropologists studying "past" humans for knowledge on where "we(they)" came from. 

Accounts of "aliens" seen by people all follow the same outline for the most part. Bipedal, hairless, human-like beings with large brains, large eyes, small noses, and small mouths. Isn't that essentially us through further evolution in space or on a planet with a climate far different from Earth's?

It also explains why there have been numerous accounts now declassified of aliens shutting down and taking nuclear weapons offline. (We're trying to warn or prevent ourselves from killing ourselves).

Granted this is a fucking wild concept and theory to begin with, but if you really think about it, I think it makes sense. Or I'm just batshit crazy like the Ancient Aliens guy. 

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Either way that's my theory until somebody with a better one drops it on me at which point I reserve the right to change my mind. 

You can listen to the whole discussion at one of the links below.

Interested to hear everybody's thoughts on this.

p.s. - I also have a pretty insane take on simulations and what I think we're experiencing today that I'll one day drop. stay tuned.