This Guy Finds Missing Kids in His Free Time While Moonshining

ijoe84. Getty Images.

If you haven't listened to any Billy's list episodes please give this one a try. This episode features a guy who uses Open Source Information to track down missing person's cases in his free time while Moonshining during the day. We also talk about how to make your own gasoline if the prices get too high. Really shows an in-depth explanation of how modern-day crime can be solved with all the information we leave around the internet. If you liked "Don't Fuck With Cats" the documentary you will like this interview. Skip ahead of the Moonshine talk to the 00:26:00 mark 26-minute mark to get to the Missing Persons through OSINT talk. Moonshine talk could also give you an easier budgeting strategy for high gas prices than Joe Biden's "Go get a Tesla" technique.Check out the rest of the episodes in the playlist.