Game Of Inches: Cyclists Play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" To Decide Who Wins Race

I guess this is what happens when Lance Armstrong has been out of the game for so long. 

Cycling used to be for juiced up meatheads who would break every rule in the book in order to get a slight advantage on their opponent. Unless you were pumped full of roids and ready to explode at any given moment, you weren't shit in the cycling community. It was a sport for bad boys by bad boys. 

Nowadays we've got guys giggling and holding hands as they cross the finish line together. Just enjoying a quick round of tummy sticks on their way to the finish line. You think Lance Armstrong would ever play rock, paper, scissor in order to determine if he wins or loses a race? Not a fucking chance. 1) He would have already been at the finish line a solid 20 minutes ago because his blood was essentially just motor oil. And 2) he'd rather shoot you in the face than lose just because one guy threw paper while he threw rock. He'd take the "shoot" part of rock, paper, scissor literally. The guy just wanted to win by any means necessary. Clearly that's not the case for these two lads. 

Maybe we're just living in a different time, I suppose. Sad to see. I figured if there were one sport we could keep from going soft like the rest of them, it would be cycling. Turns out I was wrong.