SHOCKER: Warzone Added In A New Weapon After The Update And It's The Best SMG Of All Time

Introducing the Marco 5 SMG!!! This gun is ELITE - no other way to put it. Following the update of Fortune's Keep, you can find this gun as ground loot or in the battle pass. You unlock it for free at tier 15 and if you buy the battle pass you get a great blueprint at tier 5. I'd rank up this SMG ASAP because it's the best SMG in the game right now and it's not even close.

On Friday, I dropped 12 wins on the day using this Marco 5 Class Build! Watch below for a 27 kill win using this gun + the NZ-41.

Weirdly enough, the NZ-41 also got buffed in the last update. That makes 2 updates in a row where the NZ-41 got better! From the guns that I've tried out, the NZ-41 and Marco 5 are easily the 2 best guns to be using right now in Warzone. 

Get my NZ build below:


I've been absolutely loving Fortune's Keep since is dropped in Warzone. Originally, I was afraid at the map size, scale and structure, but all those fears went away the second I jumped into the new Resurgence island.

Alright, maybe I'm a little biased because the map looks exactly like King's Landing…

But overall, I've been absolutely loving how the map plays out. It's somehow faster paced than Rebirth Island…there's a fight at every single corner. Whereas I thought it would initially be long range AR fights, it seems to be the opposite. Every fight is up close with an SMG. So with that, you gotta make sure you're using the best weapon possible. Right now, it's the Marco 5 and it ain't even close.

If you wanna hear my thoughts on Fortune's Keep, checkout the video below or click here for the blog version:


For a long time, I wasn't excited to play Warzone. Sure I still enjoyed it from time to time, but I miss that same passion I felt when Verdansk first dropped. There was really nothing like it.

Fortune's Keep has brought back some of that fire. I'm blogging this on a Sunday while wishing I was dropping a few more times into the map…

We'll be back on stream tomorrow! If you wanna see catch any of the action live, checkout my Twitch stream! Lastly, let me know any content you'd like to see. This could be best drop spots, best way to rank up guns, a settings video, etc.

Godspeed soldiers. Start ranking up those weapons!