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The New Warzone Map, 'Fortune's Keep,' Looks EXACTLY Like King's Landing And I Love Every Second Of It

Look at this picture and tell me this isn't King's Landing...I'm literally staring right into the Red Keep where it'll all came down on Cersei...

So maybe that's why I initially like the new Warzone map. Brings me right back to GoT which I absolutely love.

In case you didn't know, today we had a massive Warzone update. With it, we got a brand new resurgence map and some big changes to Caldera. I break it all down in today's Meta Man:

I played the new Warzone made today for about 4 hours and I'm really impressed. I originally thought I wasn't gonna like it. The size originally worried me (that's what she said) and I thought the pacing would be way too slow. I couldn't have been more wrong. It seemed like every single corner we turned, there was another gunfight waiting for us around the corner. I wanted to wait until stream ended to give my full thoughts on the map - if you wanna hear my review, watch my YT video below! (And like it to help feed my family)

In the patch notes, it seemed like virtually every single gun got tweaked in some way. So going into the map, I really wasn't sure what guns would outperform others. After I tried to the NZ, I immediately saw it got buffed and is still the top dog in the game. For SMGs, it's looking like a Blixen and Armaguerra are still going to reign supreme. If you want me NZ class build, I'll link it below:

Tomorrow night, we'll be back on Fortune's Keep playing with stoolies! If you wanna join, hop in chat!

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