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SHIT: Bryce Harper Breaks His Left Thumb And Is Out Indefinitely

Why??? Why can't Philly have nice things??? Bryce Haper, torn up throwing arm and all, was cruising along as one of, if not the greatest hitter on Planet Earth. Not to mention the Phillies being one of the best teams in baseball since Philly Rob Thomson finally got a shot as a Skipper. And now...this. Just awful. Thanks a lot Rob Manfred for slicking up these baseballs so no two are the same, you dickless assface. 

Credit to Bryce for being all class towards Blake Snell as the former Cy Young winner obviously didn't intend to throw a stake through the heart of the City Of Brotherly Love. Because that's what Bryce is: All heart. Here's to hoping Harper is only out for a month or two, but with the UCL eventually most likely requiring surgery at some point, it might be wishful thinking that the Phillies don't just shut him down. It SUCKS. Not just for the Phillies, obviously, but the sport of baseball as whole. The dude is an amazing representative for the game both on and off the field. Watch this interview we did before the season and try not to like and respect Bryce Harper. It's impossible. 

Be well and get back soon, Bryce. Philly, nay, the game needs you. Please.