This Video Of Brain Cells In A Petri Dish Trying To Make Connections Is Freaking Me Out

Dante has that blog series called "watch this when you're high". Great series. Search it on the site.

This though...this is the opposite of that. This video sent me into like an infinite reduction downward spiral that is going on as I am writing this. Like, right now, this very sentence that I am many of these little electrical fuckers are connecting and firing in my brain to come up with the thoughts and then words and then move my little finger muscles in a way that makes these letters appear on the screen so you all can read them and have your own little electrically charged cells do the same thing. 

Thinking about the brain and how it works is impossible to understand. Even the idea of saying something like "oh this just popped in my head". Like...what the fuck does that mean? How does a thought appear in your head? What kind of activity has to happen at that cellular weird electron level in that video in order for you to have a new thought that previously didn't exist? Thoughts seem to come out of nowhere, but how can something be born out of nothing? And...nobody is really in control of their thoughts when you think about it. You don't know what you're going to think next when you're thinking. Like you don't really have thoughts, your thoughts kind of have you. If that makes sense. So then if these thoughts are just appearing out of nowhere without our control do we even have free will? And these are the thoughts that we are aware of. Not even talking about the subconscious. 

Anyways, my head hurts, but that video struct a chord with me and clearly sent me on a weird tangent and I wanted you guys to see the same cool video. I wonder what that petri dish of cells is thinking about what they did to my brain.