Trevor Lawrence Turned His $24 Million Signing Bonus Into $9 Million by Getting It All in Crypto

How it started:

How it's going:

I revel in people losing money on NFTs and crypto. The S&P 500 averages a 10.5% return annually. If you use your real money to buy fake money or JPEGs of monkeys, I am actively rooting for you to lose it all.

And then the Bitcoin shills will turn around and tell you, "This is the time to buy more." Keep in mind, they're talking about a currency that has an unidentified founder who owns 5 percent of all the Bitcoin that exists and that you can't actually use to buy anything. You just have to believe!

What a year for Trevor Lawrence. Go 3-14 in your first NFL season, deal with the entire Urban Meyer saga and then lose 63 percent of your money. Pour one out for the kid.

UPDATE: It turns out this story may be slightly different than it originally seemed — despite the fact the NFL signing bonus part of the story has been widely reported since last year. Still don't buy crypto.